Weather-based Landscape Irrigation Control Systems

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ASAE/ASABE 12/01/2020 18
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ASAE/ASABE S627 – Weather-based Landscape Irrigation Control Systems

This standard describes a testing procedure to evaluate how well landscape irrigation controllers respond to plant water demands when they are actively growing. This test standard was created in response to a request from the Irrigation Association based on a testing protocol created by the Smart Water Application Technologies committee in 2008 and has been used as the basis for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency WaterSense program for labeling and certifying irrigation controllers. The standard includes Test Method #1 which is a 30-day test that measures the controller?s capability to apply an adequate amount of water with minimal excess water application. Test Method #2, as described in Appendix A, is an additional test procedure that covers a 90-day period of time that utilizes an hourly soil moisture balance and evaluates a controller?s capability to maximize the benefit of rainfall and irrigation frequency while considering the criteria of irrigation adequacy and excess water application.

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