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Structural Applications of Steel Cables for Buildings

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ASCE 12/08/2016 69
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Prepared by the Structural Applications of Steel Cables for Buildings Standard Committee of the Codes and Standards Activities Division of the Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE

Structural Applications of Steel Cables for Buildings, Standard ASCE/SEI 19-16, provides requirements for the structural design, fabrication, and installation of cables for use as static structural elements to support and brace buildings and other cable-supported structures. Covering both carbon-steel and stainless-steel cables, this standard addresses roofs, floors, curtain walls, masts, and nets, but it is not applicable for structures subjected primarily to vehicle loads or for guyed electrical transmission towers.

Topics include contract documents and shop drawings; design considerations; cable materials; protective coatings; fabrication, shipping, and receiving; erection; and postconstruction considerations and inspection. In addition, appendixes review cables and fittings, saddles, clamps, cable fatigue, and the design of earthquake-load-resistant sway bracing for nonstructural components of buildings.

Intended for use by structural engineers, architects, cable manufacturers and fabricators, and building officials, Standard ASCE/SEI 19-16 is a thorough revision of previous editions of ASCE 19. It includes a new appendix to address small-diameter cables used for seismic bracing of nonstructural building elements, as well as updated nomenclature to ensure consistency with other industry standards.

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