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Belowground Pipeline Networks for Utility Cables (MOP 118)

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ASCE 10/01/2009 132
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This manual provides a general overview of methods used in placing utility cables belowground, including formal underground conduit systems and relatively low-cost direct-buried facilities-with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness and space efficiency. ASCE Manual of Practice for Belowground Pipeline Networks for Utility Cables describes past practices, as well as more recent techniques in which individual pipes or ducts may be advantageously deployed in conjunction with direct-buried cables.

Related design, construction, and operational requirements and guidelines are provided throughout this book, along with analyses of topics including: underground conduit systems, direct-buried systems, cable installation methods in duct, hybrid belowground cable networks, Status of Below Ground Cable Networks.

This book provides both introductory and specific design and construction information to support the implementation of the proposed hybrid belowground cable network. It will be valuable to new and experienced engineers in road and community construction, utility owners, contractors, municipalities, and various project owners.

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