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Management, Operation and Maintenance of Irrigation and Drainage Systems – 2nd Edition (MOP 57)

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ASCE 01/01/1991 446
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This manual describes state-of-the-art management, operation, and maintenance practices and procedures in general use by existing irrigation districts throughout the United States. The term “irrigation district”describes any agency, either public or private, regardless of the specific title of the organization, that provides the service of storing, conveying, and/or furnishing irrigation water, or providing drainage services to agricultural lands. The manual does not attempt to describe the development of a water supply, the planning, designing, or construction of a new irrigation project, or the use of water on farms.

Effective management of an irrigation district and the personnel who support the physical operation is essential for the success of an irrigation enterprise. Operation and maintenance of an irrigation systemincludes the physical operation necessary to deliver water to the farms.

This manual focuses on relevant practices and procedures used throughout the United States, but this manual could prove useful throughout the world even though economic and cultural differences may require adaptation for such use.

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